For a start, send us a letter (application) by e-mail, stating: dates of the beginning and the end of the journey; the itinerary of the journey; the type of the car (if you already selected it); the number of tourists and accompanying persons and other information related to the journey that you feel necessary to share with us. In response we will provide you with information about the cost of the journey and will offer various options for organising it.
We need to receive information about the journey from you at least a month before the proposed date of the beginning of the journey.
Yes, we can. If you have a small group of tourists, in this case the journey is organised in attached cars (one to three cars). The car or cars with tourists get attached to regular trains (in the front or in the end of the train) and move along the itinerary in this way.
Yes, we can.  If you have a large group of tourists, in this case the trip will be executed on a separate special train. This train must have at least 14 cars, including technical cars and cars intended for tourists' meals and leisure time.
For this type of journey we can organise for you a trip in the Presidential Suite class car. The comfort level of the cars of this class measures up to the requirements of the most demanding Customers.
When organising the transfer of your group of tourists along your itinerary, we undertake the following obligations:
- to develop the itinerary taking into account the current train schedule;
- to get this itinerary approved by the regulating bodies;
- to provide properly functioning cars equipped and prepared for the trip;
- to organise and control the car traffic along the itinerary;
- to resolve swiftly all the problems related to the car traffic along the itinerary and to the car operation that emerge during the trip.
Yes, we can. If you wish, we can also provide a sightseeing programme in cities, the organisation of meals for tourists during the trip, musical programming, and transfer.