Kitchen car

The kitchen car is a professional grade production area intended for cooking food. The layout of the car includes an area for making hot dishes and sauces, a pastry area and an area for making cold dishes. The car is equipped with a kitchenware washing machine and has 7 medium temperature refrigerators with the total volume of 4368 l.

The car is equipped with professional grade kitchen equipment from leading brands; this permits reducing the time needed for cooking the meals and significantly increasing their quality.

The kitchen car is irreplaceable when organising long journeys. The capability of its equipment is such that it permits servicing several banquet rooms without delay, and availability of free space and a great selection of professional equipment allow cooking dishes of various degrees of complexity.


25 sq. meters common square of the hall
4 technological areas
4 cubic meters, the total volume of the refrigerators

Kitchen car floorplan

Схема Kitchen car

  • 1 Cold shop
  • 2 Hot shop
  • 3 Refrigeration compartment
  • 4 Kitchenware washing room
  • 5 Drying cabinet
  • 6 Technical premise
  • 7 Corridor

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Kitchen car