Personnel car

When planning long journeys, it is necessary to include in the train a car for accommodation of service personnel dealing with the tourists. This type of car is ideally suited for these purposes. 

This type of car with a shower is intended for accommodation of 32 passengers. The car is equipped with an air conditioning system, a heating system and an eco toilet. The car has 8 passenger cabins. Every cabin has 4 sleeping berths, a table, a luggage shelf, a coat hanger and a radio outlet. Instead of the ninth cabin, the car has a bathroom with a shower cabin, a washbasin and a washing machine.

If this car is used as a second class car for tourist traffic, it is ideally suited for a trip with an intense sightseeing programme. It has everything necessary for a cost-conscious but comfortable accommodation.

For day trips, corporate events and other event tours, such a car is very convenient as a place to keep the outerwear, luggage, and auxiliary stuff.


8 passenger cabins
1 bathroom with shower
4 seats per passenger cabin

Personnel car floorplan

Схема Personnel car

  • 1 Passenger cabins
  • 2 Bathroom with a shower
  • 3 Lavatories
  • 4 Corridor

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Personnel car