Diesel generator car

Diesel generator car

The diesel plant car is one of the technical cars. This car is necessary for long trips as well as for organising tours with significant load on the internal electric network of the train.

The diesel plant car is intended for providing uninterrupted power supply to all the electricity users of the rolling stock during the train movement and during stops. The presence of a diesel plant car within the train permits to increase significantly the range of services offered to passengers and to increase their quality, which makes a journey more comfortable.

The requirements are such that the services rendered should be of top quality throughout the whole journey, including on low-speed sectors and during lengthy stops. In such conditions the presence of a diesel plant car within the train is the only possible way to provide high quality of service. This car is equipped with two diesel generators of total power output of 210 kW and voltage 230W. There are different modifications of the diesel plant car.


2 diesel generator plants
260 w, total power of generators
230 v, a voltage of the electric network

Diesel generator car floorplan

Схема Diesel generator car

  • 1 Diesel section
  • 2 Luggage section
  • 3 Stockroom
  • 4 Refrigerating room
  • 5 Conductor's cabin
  • 6 Technical premises

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Diesel generator car