Standard Class cars

Standard Class cars

What kind of car makes a long journey pleasant? We believe this should be a passenger car with all the conditions for long-term comfort stay, and it should definitely have a bathroom with a shower cabin. The Standard class car is precisely this kind of car. This is a new, modern train car with its interior decorated in the style of the sleeper cars of the 1970s. The curved back rests of the sofas, oval mirrors, a mesh shelf for personal possessions — all this serves to take us into the romantic atmosphere of railway travel of the end of the previous century.

The car has 8 passenger cabins. Each cabin is intended for 2 passengers. For personal possessions and luggage the car has classic trunks and shelves.

The best asset of this car is the spacious bathroom that takes up the space of an entire cabin. The bathroom is equipped with a washbasin, a hairdryer, a washing machine and a shower cabin. All in all, everything necessary to clean up during a trip.


8 passenger cabins
1 bathroom with shower
2 seats per passenger cabin

Standard car floorplan

Схема Standard Class cars

  • 1 Passenger cabins
  • 2 Bathroom
  • 3 Lavatory
  • 4 Corridor
  • 5 Technical premises

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Standard Class cars