Luxe Class cars

The Luxe Class sleeper car differs from sleeper cars of other types by its advanced level of comfort. Every Luxe Class car has six two-berth passenger cabins. Each of them takes up the space of 5.4 m2.

Every cabin has 2 spacious sleeping berths placed one above the other. The lower berth is easily transformed into a comfortable sofa, and the upper one can be folded so as to lie flat against the wall.

Any journey means a large amount of clothes that have to be stored somewhere. For this purpose the cabin has convenient shelves for storing folded garments and a spacious wardrobe for outerwear.

Besides sleeping berths, every cabin has an armchair and a small table. During the trip it is possible to spend free time watching a favourite film on the TV panel or reading a book, of which the conductor always has a large selection on offer.

It is impossible to talk about any kind of comfort during a train journey if it is impossible to take a shower. Every passenger cabin of a Luxe class car has a bathroom with a washbasin, a chemical toilet, a shower, and a hairdryer.

The microclimate deserves a separate mention. Each cabin can have its own microclimate. Using an individual air conditioning system managed by remote control, a passenger can create comfortable conditions for him- or herself. The degree of lighting can also be changed. Besides the main bright regime the cabin has the evening lighting regime.

The Luxe car passengers will never be left out of the information loop; using radio, the tour guide will always be able to provide them with all the necessary information.


6 passenger cabins
6 bathrooms with shower
2 seats per each cabin

Luxe car floorplan

Схема Luxe Class cars

  • 1 Passenger cabins
  • 2 Corridor
  • 3 Lavatories
  • 4 Technical premises

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Luxe Class cars