Presidential Suite Class cars

Presidential Suite Class cars

Out of the whole pool of passenger cars the most comfortable is the Presidential Suite car. This is a salon car. The unique feature of this car is that it is intended for a travelling VIP accompanied by assistants.

This car is most popular among bank directors, famous artists on tours and owners of large companies.

This is a real presidential suite on wheels. In the leisure room there is a large table which can be used both for meals and for meetings during business trips. The room is also equipped with a large plasma panel which permits watching favourite films during trips.

The main passenger cabin may be roughly divided into two parts. The first is the residential area with a wide bed for two, a wardrobe for personal possessions, a desk with a chair and a TV panel. The second area is the bathroom equipped with a shower cabin, a washbasin, and an eco-toilet.

Business people are often accompanied on trips by assistants. The car has two cabins equipped especially for this. The first, intended for personal assistants, is equipped with two sleeping berths, an armchair and a cabinet for storing personal possessions and possibly work materials. The second cabin may be used by the security personnel. This cabin has four sleeping berths, a table and shelves for storing luggage.

The Presidential Suite car is equipped with its own kitchen. Despite being small, the kitchen is equipped with everything necessary for a chef to work comfortably, that is, a frying surface, a refrigerator, an air conditioner and many cabinets for storing food and equipment.

Usually business people employ their own chefs, but the Customer may use the services of our own highly qualified chefs and waiters. This car is in many ways autonomous and is ideally suited for business trips and individual travel.


1 main passenger cabin with bathroom
2 escort and assistant cabins
6 seats in escort and assistant cabins
1 hall with table, sofa and TV panel
1 kitchen

Presidential Suite car floorplan

Схема Presidential Suite Class cars

  • 1 Main passenger cabin
  • 2 Bathroom in the main passenger cabin
  • 3 Dinner room
  • 4 Two-berth assistant cabin
  • 5 Four-berth escort cabin
  • 6 Kitchen
  • 7 Lavatory
  • 8 Technical premises
  • 9 Corridor

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Presidential Suite Class cars